Windows for Harvey 2019

2017 Windows

Windows for Harvey 2017 included artist participants as well as business owners who wanted to honor Harvey Milk and his legacy. Scroll through this section to learn about the artists and businesses who participated last year, and read their thoughts on why Harvey Milk remains an inspiration.

Art Attack SF

2358 Market Street

Artist: Elliott C. Nathan   |   website

"Harvey's courage: to be a voice for the community that needed it, to stand up for what is right and fight for it, to get others proactively engaged, is so incredibly admirable. I'm honored to participate in this project and celebrate the life and legacy of Harvey Milk. 
This drawing is from a combination of two photos of Harvey in front of his camera shop. I wanted to capture the look of him at his store front in the Castro along with this photo of him with a huge smile, political button and and tie flapping wildly in the wind. " 

ArtSavesLives Gallery

518 Castro Street

Berkshire Hathaway-Drysdale Properties

2324 Market Street

"You Gotta Give 'em Hope" 

"You Gotta Give 'em Hope" 

Artist: Jun Yan   |   website

"This piece represents Harvey's passion and positive energy not only in the literal sense of his smile, and kind face, but also through the dripping pastel colors, and paint. As a gay immigrant artist, Harvey Milk has been a role model for me to stand up for equality, and has been an encouragement to share love and compassion to everyone in this community."

Beyond Just Tax

2327 Market Street


Artist: Sylvie Guillot   |   website

"This male nude figure portrait embodies the fragility and strength that cohabit in any human being. Harvey Milk had tremendous strength which he used to face fierce obstacles throughout his life. The male nude figure in the drawing struggling not to fall off the small wood board is an image to depict how bravely and strongly Harvey Milk managed to overcome all the challenges in his life."

Canela Bistro

2272 Market Street


Artist: Eva Silverman   |   website

"My vision around my short series of WPA style prints reflects individuals and spaces that have make a great impact n their communities.
As a queer woman, a Bay Area transplant (from the East Coast), a photographer, and a daughter of a refugee, I look at the world through my own particular lens, and make connections with those around me. Harvey Milk is a hero to me (and countless others). He is a man for the people, an artist, an entrepreneur, a queer advocate. He fought for the city (and world) he believed in, coming to the refuge that is San Francisco just like so many of us. I believe he reflects the beauty of the city, and especially, the heart of The Castro."

Cliff's Variety Store

479 Castro Street



Our message is "hope".

Dog Eared Books

489 Castro Street

Eureka Valley/Harvey Milk Memorial Library

1 Jose Sarria Court (16th Street at Pond)

untitled, one of a collection of Billy Douglas photographs installed at the library

untitled, one of a collection of Billy Douglas photographs installed at the library

Artist: Billy Douglas   |   website

"I began going to protests in San Francisco in mid-December 2017, the 'Day of Denial' against climate change deniers that had been nominated for Cabinet positions by the president. I took the photograph of the lady with her umbrella; her calm and resolute demeanor, holding her placard while the rain fell..and I thought…this is what democracy looks like. I went to other protests, where I tried to look behind the signs, finding people that displayed the same determined activism that Harvey Milk brought to the Castro."

Finn Town

2251 Market Street

"Harvey Milk was one of our most courageous pioneers who helped shape and define the city of San Francisco and the Castro district where Finn Town calls home - his intelligence, his smile, and his determination made this one of the best cities in the world and a place where everyone is welcome with open arms. We are proud to pay homage to him with our Milkman cocktail as a tribute to him, to this great city, and to the neighborhood that he so loved and adored."

Human Rights Campaign Store

575 Castro Street

La Mediterranee

288 Noe Street


Artist: Danyol Leon   |   website

"The piece I designed for the window at La Mediterranee reflects on Harvey's past as activist. He paved the way for future activist to raise the alarm about AIDS and the governments refusal to talk about it. This piece bridges the gap between Harvey's death and the rise of Act-up. Being one of the first openly gay politicians to be elected to a public office, he taught me to never let who I am prevent me from doing what I want and from what I think is right. This piece presents him as an activist and someone who was not afraid to shy away from the public. The outline of his figure is taken from a very iconic photo of him holding a picket sign while riding in the back of a car in a gay pride parade."

Levi's Store

525 Castro Street

Local Take

3979 17th Street


Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub

536 Castro Street

“We started to celebrate Harvey’s birthday four years ago with window displays. You can’t live, work or be involved with community service in the Castro without feeling Harvey watching over you.”

Now, Voyager Travel

4115 19th Street

"We've created a happy combination of birthday hats, rainbows and a TV display with Harvey's picture and a reminder that you must 'Come Out' from Harvey's June 1978 speech at SF City Hall."

Peaches Christ Productions

415 Castro Street


Artists: Peaches Christ Productions, make-up artist Joel King (MISS STAR SEARCH 2017) and Seth Shubin (aka VERUCA BATHSALTS), Peaches Christ's Wardrobe Manager and Visual Artist   |   website

"We wanted to create a fun, festive window to highlight Harvey Milk and his passion for Film and the Queer community of the 70s in San Francisco. Handcrafted backdrops made by Joel, inspired by artwork from Armistead Maupin's classic "TALES FROM THE CITY", will show the beautiful landscapes of our fair city. Two mannequin forms will be seen: one depicting Harvey himself walking through the Castro Streets working towards justice and the rights of his community; and the other will show a radically fabulous Queen out in world doing what she does best––fighting for her rights." 

Wardrobe and stylings provided by Peaches Christ Productions & RETRO FIT VINTAGE


2279 Market Street


PO Plus

584 Castro Street


Artist: Jessica Presley-Grusin   |   website

"Harvey Milk was a strong and beautiful person, and I often wonder what more he would have achieved had he not been taken from us so earlier on in his political career."


456 Castro Street

Artists: Juanita MORE!, Robin Malone Simmons and Elaine Denham

"This is a poignant moment to remember Harvey Milk, who showed us that the political force of ingrained bigotry cannot withstand the power of everyday people who refuse to be silent. Harvey created a momentum for small businesses and community in the Castro that that continues to inspire and benefit artists such as ourselves. More than anything, he demonstrated that standing up for yourself doesn't mean you have to be any less radiant or beautiful, and we hope that is reflected in our piece. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to honor one of our heroes, Harvey Milk."

RAW-A Juice Company

2175 Market Street (inside The Myriad)


The Harvey Milk Smoothie

"A tasty reminder that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes...and sometimes with a straw! The Harvey Milk Smoothie is made from coconut milk, apple juice, kale, spinach and frozen berries. Why not stop in and enjoy a healthy break at The Myriad while viewing the windows?"

Spark Arts

4229 18th Street

Spunk Salon

4147 19th Street

"The Spirit of Harvey Milk"

"The Spirit of Harvey Milk"

Artist: Adam Ansell   |   website

"This painting represents the undying passion and uplifting spirit of Harvey Milk."


470 Castro Street

“For our project we wanted to focus on the words of Harvey Milk, which continue to inspire gay and queer people all over the world to this day, 39 years after he was taken away from us. As iconic as his pictures are, Harvey Milk’s quotes are just as important. His words remind us of the strength of the gay community. They remind us of all our accomplishments that we’ve had since his time, and remind us of how much the gay folks that came before us worked to help create the freedoms we have today. We hope that by posting his quotes on our window folks will stop for a moment, read them and be enlivened with some spiritual fortitude to continue to fight for gay rights here and around the world.”

Sui Generis

2231 Market Street

"WE ARE Harvey"

"WE ARE Harvey"

"Our concept is the connection between living and working in the Castro then and now. The posters in our windows feature team members who are doing precisely that!"

Swirl on Castro

572 Castro Street

"Hope Will Never Be Silent"

"Hope Will Never Be Silent"

Artist: Jeffrey Burke Whitten   |   website

"Harvey Milk inspired me with his vision, message and irreverence. I came of age in the disco era (finding my true self on the dance floor) in the months just before Harvey was elected to the Board of Supervisors. As we celebrate his birthday, his call-to-action is still heard and his life story continues to inspire self-expression and renewed activism."

Twin Peaks Tavern

401 Castro Street


Artist: Jason Mecier   |   website

"I wanted to celebrate Harvey's hope and enthusiasm with a colorful and fun interpretation of this iconic image of Harvey Milk. I've been working on a series of Candylebrity and ManCandy portraits, so Harvey fit perfectly into both series. I find candy art to be both fun and meditative."

Walgreen's Community Window

498 Castro Street


Artists: Students from Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy

"Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy is a public kindergarten through 5th grade elementary school that is in the heart of the Castro Community. The piece(s) our students created reflect the voice of our community in working to recognize and celebrate diversity as a strength in our community. The bullhorn art piece has letters that each class took on to create words and phrases that hold meaning in the name of diversity and living up to the namesake of our school and the words that could project to the world through the bullhorn, from Harvey himself and from our leaders of the future."

ZGO Perfumery

600 Castro Street

"You Gotta Give 'em Hope"

"You Gotta Give 'em Hope"

Artist: Aviva Kanoff   |   website   |   instagram

"My artwork depicts Harvey at his finest hour combined with the legacy he has left behind."