Windows for Harvey 2018

Call For Artists



A very special thanks to all the artists who submitted to participate in Windows For Harvey 2018! You have blown us away! For others, the deadline for submission has passed, but you can still contact us if you've got a great idea!

Windows for Harvey is partnering with neighborhood businesses and local artists to create unique displays honoring Harvey Milk on his birthday.

From May 18 through May 27, 2018, artwork will be installed and displayed in Castro storefronts. Windows for Harvey is looking for local artists to submit designs that celebrate and honor the legacy of Harvey Milk.

The theme this year is “Equality”. Harvey championed inclusivity for all people that were being shut out or left behind. His message of equality resonated with not only the LGBT community, but also with straight white working class, elderly and minority voters, who supported his election to office. In Harvey's successful campaign for city supervisor, many saw a reason to hope.

Artists are free to explore something related to this year’s theme, or a literal representation of Harvey himself. The goal is to celebrate Harvey and his legacy through art, and possibly, to inspire people to have a conversation about these ideas, much like Harvey Milk did in his life. You are encouraged to work with a spirit of celebration and hope, and to evoke these qualities in viewers of your work. Have fun!



  • The finished installation should be a celebration of Harvey Milk. Thematic entries should be centered around Equality and the life and/or times of Harvey Milk: Harvey's accomplishments, his legacy, or other contributions suiting the artist. Please avoid overtly political speech that might invite controversy and distract at all from the opportunity to celebrate Harvey Milk.

  • Your submission does not need to be your *final* piece, however you should indicate your design intent through work samples, sketches, etc.

  • 2D or 3D art allowed.

  • Artists will provide their own supplies and materials.

  • Deadline for submission is March 12 at midnight PST.



  • Each accepted artist will be partnered with a neighborhood business to create an installation in the storefront/display window of that business.

  • Notifications will be sent to artists the week of March 19 for the business(es) that would like to work with them. Artist has the right to refuse to work with any particular storefront.

  • All details of the installation will be determined by the artist in partnership with their partner neighborhood business, including method of installation, etc.

  • Installation will occur from Monday, May 14 through Thursday, May 17 in time for Harvey Milk's birthday festivities that begin on Saturday, May 19. (Harvey's actual birthday is Tuesday, May 22.) Coordination of installation will be negotiated between the artist and shop owner. If you cannot commit to this installation schedule, please do not submit an entry.

  • Installation of art in the store windows will be for the entire initiative from May 18-27.



  1. Input all information into the form below.

  2. Click here and upload your image(s). File size should be less than 3MB. Larger files may not upload properly and so may be disqualified. Your image must be named with your last name. If you are submitting more than one entry, number your submissions accordingly.

  3. Please describe your image and/or your design intent as best you can. Include anticipated dimensions of your final piece.

  4. That's it! We will notify you of your inclusion in this initiative via email no later than March 23.


Send any questions regarding the Call for Artists to



How will the event be marketed?

The event will be marketed extensively including:

  • Event website with images of the artwork and a link to the artist website.

  • Artwork in storefronts will be labeled with artist name, title of piece and artist website.

  • Participation show at close of installation where you may offer your piece for sale.


How are the artists compensated for the work?

The art piece remains the property of the artist at all times. You may choose, and you are encouraged to, offer your art piece for sale during the installation and the participation show at the close of the initiative. All proceeds from any sale during the installation go directly to the artist.  Sales during the participation show may be subject to a standard gallery commission.


What is the size of the window I will be working with?

The sizes of the window in which the artwork will be installed is dependent on which merchant you are working with. Once you have been partnered with a participating merchant, you will work directly with them on dimensions and placement of your artwork.


Can purchased artwork be removed from the installation?

No, all artwork must remain in place for the duration of the installation



LEGAL DISCLAIMER: By submitting your entry to this promotion, you agree to your name being listed in promotional materials, both in print and online, as well as agreeing to have photographs (with credit) of your work used for event promotion for this and future events associated with this annual event.

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