Windows for Harvey 2018

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Windows for Harvey 2018 is presented by Castro Merchants, the neighborhood merchant organization founded by Harvey Milk in 1973, with the support of the Castro Community Benefits District (Castro CBD).


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2018 Supporters

Castro Community Benefits District

Dan Nicoletta


Sterling Graphics


2018 Participating Artists

Joseph Abbati
Felicia Ann
Adam Ansell
Chad Berwald
Emma Brown
Leo Herrera
Kathleen Kowal
Mac McNamara
Craig Meklir
Dan Nicoletta
Camille O'Grady
Terri O'Rourke
Yi Lin Pei
Irene Schlesinger
Students of Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy
Matthew Terrell
Lyla Warren
Jun Yang

2018 Castro Merchants Participants

ArtSavesLives Studio and Gallery
Beyond Just Tax
Canela Bistro
Castro Fountain
Castro Village Wine Company
Cliff's Variety
D&H Jewelers
Dog Eared Books
GLBT History Museum
HRC Store
Hot Cookie
Local Take
Mark Leno Campaign Office
Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub
SF LGBT Center
Skin on Market
Spark Arts
Strut / SF AIDS Foundation
Sui Generis
Super Duper Burger
Supervisor Jeff Sheehy Campaign Office
Swirl on Castro
ZGO Perfumery

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The Windows for Harvey 2016 poster

The Windows for Harvey 2016 poster

The Windows for Harvey 2017 poster

The Windows for Harvey 2017 poster

The Windows For Harvey 2018 poster

The Windows For Harvey 2018 poster

My friend, Harvey Milk.
— Daniel Nicoletta, photographer

Once again, Windows for Harvey is honored to work with this iconic image of Harvey Milk, created by photographer Dan Nicoletta, to create event graphics. Read below Dan's recollection of the photo, both taking the original photo on Castro Street, and then encountering the photo months later, after Harvey was gone. You can view more of Dan's photography on his website.

Harvey Milk circa 1977 photograph, copyright 1978, Dan Nicoletta

Harvey Milk circa 1977 photograph, copyright 1978, Dan Nicoletta

"The now famous tie-blowing photo shoot with Harvey Milk was originally for a publicity shot for his third SF City council election campaign in 1977. We originally rejected the shot with the tie blowing in the wind in favor of a shot where the tie was “straight”. Some people will remember that during Harvey’s first run for office, he had a tied-back ponytail look which was advised against after he lost that campaign. This third campaign was the year for the buttoned-down Harvey. (Well, at least as buttoned-down as he would ever be, which is not very buttoned-down at all.)

That third campaign was the one where he was elected as one of the first openly gay elected officials in the world. Eleven months later, Harvey was killed in his City Hall office by a homophobic colleague.

Shortly after Harvey’s death, Scott Smith (then Harvey’s life partner) and I were organizing his papers and there, on top of a box of hundreds of loose photographic slides, was a glassine envelope with the long-lost negative strip from the campaign shoot.

Curious, I held it up to the light and noticed the rejected shot. I thought the smile looked promising and, since the formalities of campaigning were not an issue anymore, I printed it, primarily to see if this smile was better. When the image appeared in my darkroom tray, I was taken aback by the evocation of passing time that was present in the motion of Harvey's necktie being gently lifted into the air by the San Francisco breeze.

And so this shot is the one that was meant to go out into the world in remembrance of this wonderful man, my friend, Harvey Milk."

-      Dan Nicoletta, May 2, 2017