Windows for Harvey 2019

2018 Windows

Windows for Harvey 2018 included artist participants as well as business owners who wanted to honor Harvey Milk and his legacy by installing art in their store windows. Scroll through this section to learn about the artists and businesses participating this year, and read their thoughts on why Harvey Milk remains an inspiration.

2019 Windows will be announced in early April!

ArtSavesLives Gallery

518 Castro Street


Artist: Thomasina DeMaio


2344 Market Street


Artist: Matthew Terrell

"My window uses reflective window film to form a portrait of Harvey Milk that mirrors the viewer. The idea is that when viewers walk by the window front, they will see their reflection. Viewers will literally see themselves in Harvey Milk's legacy, and be uplifted to view themselves as a modern day hero for continuing his work."

Beyond Just Tax

2327 Market Street

detail from "Equality and Equilizers"

detail from "Equality and Equilizers"

Artist: Camille O'Grady

"My installation, EQUALITY AND EQUALIZERS, celebrates both equality and history, themes that have been earmarked for ´Windows’ and for Pride 2018. 

I have employed the rainbows of color, loosely applied, to double rectalinear sets of suspended canvases, that will appear to float in the windows, as the two main logos of equality today, the equal sign, and the color spectrum. There are other related pieces, portraits from memory and imagination...featuring the diversity of people; ages, races, and proclivities. Some are people many will recognize from the past we  shared with Harvey, my contemporaries, many who were on the front lines of the hard earned freedoms we have fought to fruition. Others feature human ‘equalizers’ hearts, hands, bones, bodies...for  example. Included is my male AIDS Pieta, as that illness was and remains an equalizer for all walks of life...which I see as a painful rite of passage, cruel as it was, that actually had a transformative effect on us all, including the public in general. We should not have to wait again for unexpected tragedy by illness or gun to make us protect, respect, and find happiness in each other. 

 I hope to remind people of the joy and power we must concentrate upon pushing  forward in these times when so many dark and toxic influences threaten to extinguish the illumination and good will we have fought hard to have and to share...those are the things that will continue to make us a successful, caring, and brightly evolving  community, in the ways Harvey, his life and persona have come to represent."


450 Castro Street


Artist: Jun Yang  |  website

"'Together Stronger' represents Harvey's love, passion and positive energy. As a gay artist, Harvey Milk has been a role model for me to stand up for equality, and has been an encouragement to share love and compassion to everyone in this community. Instagram: @junartshop

Canela Bistro

2272 Market Street


Artist: Emma Brown   |   website

"This piece is a portrait of Harvey Milk in the form of a San Fransisco public transportation map. It traces our journey towards hope, acceptance and equality through his words. The map key includes several of his quotes that speak to me and that will hopefully empower and inspire viewers. The colors are taken from the SF muni lines while recalling a rainbow."

Castro Fountain

554 Castro Street


Artist: Twinkie Chan  |  website

For Harvey Milk’s birthday, I wanted to crochet a treat that was not only sweet but also highlighted Milk's legacy and fight for equality. Both crochet and ice cream can have nostalgic qualities that take many of us back to a more innocent time, perhaps a time before we became aware of our differences, or that difference could ever be seen as a bad thing. Milk encouraged us to embrace each other, whether we are pink, yellow, or green, and to always give each other hope.

Find me: @twinkiechan #twinkiechan


Castro Village Wine Company

4121 19th Street


"In the late 1970s a gay couple living in the Castro opened Castro Village Wine Company. They knew Harvey Milk, and they included "Castro Village" in their shop's name to show that it was an LGBT-owned and operated business, aligned with the Castro Village Merchants Association, founded by Harvey Milk. When they entered retirement years later, the shop passed to other members of the LGBT community in the neighborhood who chose to carry on the tradition. The new owners, employees, and shop customers all felt it important to participate in the "Windows for Harvey" project to honor the legacy of Harvey Milk and all those who fought to advance the cause of equality. Our 2018 window features a number of Harvey's quotes on LGBTQ rights and the importance for all of us to stand up and participate in the fight for our rights."

Cliff's Variety Store

479 Castro Street


Artist: Franc Robles

"I’m borrowing Harvey Milk’s quote from 1978, 'RIGHTS ARE WON BY THOSE WHO MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD'. The quote exemplifies succinctly the present feelings of a myriad of groups and their cause in our current sociopolitical atmosphere."

D&H Jewelers

2323 Market Street

Artists: Lindsay Daunell, Shawn Higgins, and Lauren Hanawalt

"The wooden miniature closet doors are in a geometric stacking pattern. The doors are juxtaposed with quotes form Harvey on seemingly flowing lines of aluminum showing the dimensionality of Harvey's life. So much of his speeches metaphorically spoke of "the closet door" which we translated into the actual form. As a design house in the Castro, we encourage all of our staff to contribute to our newest collections with their own design ideas. This particular idea and creation came from the collective design brainstorm of members of our in-house creative team: Lindsay, Shawn and Lauren.

Dog Eared Books

489 Castro Street


GLBT History Museum

4127 18th Street


Artist: Leo Herrera   |   website

"This piece was created using photographs of the suit Harvey Milk wore the night of his assassination, photographed in 2004 at the GLBT Historical Society Archives."

Human Rights Campaign Store

575 Castro Street


Hot Cookie

407 Castro Street


Local Take

3979 17th Street


Artist: Chad Berwald

"I had this vision of Queens of the Castro holding Harvey Milk into the air. The concept is to remember our past, our struggles, to stand together and to overcome."

Mark Leno's Campaign Headquarters

2390 Market Street

detail of the large quilt by Mac McNamara

detail of the large quilt by Mac McNamara

Artist: Mac McNamara

"Originally, I made this quilt for a Gay Men's Chorus fundraiser. I made it as a tribute to Harvey Milk. He was a hero of mine, because he was always a great dude."

Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub

536 Castro Street

“We started to celebrate Harvey’s birthday five years ago with window displays. You can’t live, work or be involved with community service in the Castro without feeling Harvey watching over you.”


2279 Market Street


Artist: Dan Nicoletta

"We at Photoworks wanted to acknowledge the photographic contributions of Daniel Nicoletta. Dan's images of Harvey and The Castro are lasting reminders of an amazing era, a moment in time that will live on forever. As a photo lab we feel some kinship with Castro Camera, so we are also paying a nod to that store, hoping we can keep photography vibrant in the community."


SF LGBT Center

1800 Market Street

"Pride" by Craig Meklir

"Pride" by Craig Meklir

Artist: Craig Meklir  |  website

"'Pride' is a oil painting on canvas depicting Harvey Milk standing in front of an LGBT flag on Castro Street. The painting is intended to evoke a sense of pride and purpose in the spirit of Milk’s tragic and groundbreaking legacy. I am grateful to the organizers of Windows for Harvey 2018 and honored to partner with the San Francisco LGBT Community Center."

Skin Market

2299 Market Street #C

"The Spirit of Harvey Milk" by Adam Ansell

"The Spirit of Harvey Milk" by Adam Ansell

Artist: Adam Ansell   |   website

"This painting represents the undying passion and uplifting spirit of Harvey Milk."

Spark Arts

4229 18th Street

"Hearts & Flowers" by Irene Schlesinger

"Hearts & Flowers" by Irene Schlesinger

Artist: Irene Schlesinger   |   website

"'Hearts & Flowers' was made to celebrate the law passing Same Sex marriages. The canvas includes embroidery, applique and a mix of embellishments in the style which became known during the 1970's as Femmage."


470 Castro Street


Artist: Joseph Abbati

“The tapestry depicts a soft-focus image of Harvey Milk, a memory of him. I moved to San Francisco three days after he was killed. I remember that time when the city went through the candle light vigils and the demonstrations at City Hall.”

Sui Generis

2231 Market Street


"Our concept is the connection between living and working in the Castro then and now. The posters in our windows feature team members who are doing precisely that!"

Super Duper Burger

2304 Market Street

"The Spirit of Harvey Milk"

Artist: Yi Lin Pei   |   website

"My vision for the two paintings is to capture the beautifully authentic personality of Harvey and celebrate his life by juxtaposing all the things that brought me joy growing up. The first time I saw a video footage of Harvey I instantly fell in love with his outrageous, bold and kind laughter. Then every time I felt all odds are against me, I would go back and replay that footage and would get back up on my feet right away. The first painting is a screen shot of Harvey taken from that grainy video footage, combined with conversation hearts with all the things I want to say to him. The second painting is inspired by vintage posters to honor his birthday."

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy's Campaign Headquarters

541 Castro Street

detail from art installation by Lyla Warren and Felicia Ann

detail from art installation by Lyla Warren and Felicia Ann


Lyla Warren   |  website   &   Felicia Ann  | website

"Harvey Milk celebrated equality and diversity, encouraging everyone to proudly show their colors, this piece is about opening doors to everyone. An open door not only welcomes, but spontaneously reveals the person behind the door. It's an invitation to meet someone new and see how we are all share in humanity. With this piece we hope to encourage the legacy of Harvey Milk to live on in people's hearts and minds."

Swirl on Castro

572 Castro Street

"Hope Will Never Be Silent"

Artist: Kathleen Kowal   | website

"My overall composition uses the Human Rights equal symbol "=" which an image of Harvey riding in the Gay Rights parade is most prominent, with other elements from his life in the Castro mixed in along with notable quotes and important things he did or were part of his life mixed in or as part of a collage background."

Walgreen's Community Window

498 Castro Street


Artists: Students from Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy

ZGO Perfumery

600 Castro Street

"You Gotta Give 'em Hope"

Artist: Terri O'Rourke   |   website  

"This image represents the lasting effects that Harvey's vision and life had on our community. Cracked pieces fabricate Harvey's face. These fragments are representative of the coming together of a multitude of individuals' memories - resulting in the formation of a powerful and lasting vision of Harvey. The opening zipper represents Harvey's willingness to open up to the world. His eye, being the portal to the soul, sees through a rainbow veil of acceptance. His perspective and guidance, as symbolized through a butterfly, ushered a transformative metamorphosis in the Castro and invigorated the community with endurance, change, hope, and life."